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About DiaMed Israel - דיאמד (ישראל) בע"מ

DiaMed (Israel) was established in 1991,by Fried Kahn,and was located downtown Haifa.
It started as a distributor of the Gel-Test for immunohaematolgy, manufactured by DiaMed AG from Switzerland.

The most important milestone was in 17th of October 1994, when the Gel-Test was introduced, nationally, in Herezlia, to all the community of Transfusion Medicine in Israel.
In an extremely rainy day, 160 curious specialists and physicians were gathered ,and were exposed to a dramatic innovation, which totally changed the world of transfusion-diagnostics.

In summer 1997, the company moved to Yokneam, and MEDIGAL, a daughter company,
was established.

DiaMed (Israel) is now involved in diagnostics of immunohaematology, platelets functioning and Haemostasis. It supplies reagents ,software and instrumentation for the above mentioned fields of activity.
As such, the company's staff includes scientific specialists as well as technical support.

DiaMed (Israel) is very focused in its fields of activity, a policy which enables the company to be professional in its specialties.
High level of Service and dedication to Customer Support are the main concerns of the team.

Our slogan is: Safe Transfusion.
As we are involved in the transfusion community, we are aware of the concerns of  Hospital-staff  to provide safe transfusion to their patients.

We are obliged to assist them and to offer them solutions which  coincide with our slogan.


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